Derek Trucks Band 
Date: 2001-07-29
Venue: Star Pavilion Hersheypark Hershey, PA
Sets: All
Media: CDR
Number: 1
Source: AUD Master
Quality: A+
Notes: SOURCE: Schoeps MK21+KC5+CMC6s>Lunatec V2>HHb PDR 1000 FOB DFC
(Mike Juday)
MASTERING: Sony PCM-M1>Egosys Waveterminal U2A (48>44.1 kHz)>CD Wave
Editor>Easy CD>CDR (Robert Dempster)

opener for Phil Lesh and Friends

1 Rasta Man Chant
2 Joyful Noise
3 Kam-A-Lay
4 Be-Bop
5 Driftin'
6 For My Brother
7 Ain't That Lovin' You
TT 60:39