The Slip ~  Bowery Ballroom ~ New York City, NY    

Set 1 
New >
Aptos >
Soft Interlude >
New Vocal Tune, Spice Groove >
Soft Interlude >
Camp Shuey   

Set 2 
In Russia With Love%*
Get Me With Fuji#
Sometimes True to Nothing

Set 3
E1: Take a Beetle to the Badlands@
E2: New
E3: Dogs on Bikes Comment *w/trombone, trumpet and djimbe from JBB, and Marco Benevento on melodion
#djimbe stayed on for this one
%Andrew opened the set with a thank you to everyone for reminding him that peace and love are practiced as well as preached...
@Brad came out solo and was joined by Andrew and Marc after a minute or 2