Yonder Mountain String Band ~ Mississippi Nights ~St. Louis, MO    

Set 1 
Lord Only Knows >
Bolton Stretch >
On The Run >
High Cross Junction >
Mother's Only Son >
On The Run
Loved You Enough
I'll Never Love Anybody But You Baby
Steam Powered Aereoplane
Shuckin The Corn
Ramblin In The Rambler
Girlfriend Is Better
Set 2 
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
Keep On Going
Only A Northern Song>
Keep On Going, Musta Had Your Reasons
Left Me In A Hole
Hit Parade Of Love
Whitehouse Blues
Auld Lang Syne
Rag Mama
After Midnite>
June Apple> (sound problem jam) >
Free To Run
Rambler's Anthem
Snow On The Pines$>
Follow Me Down To The Riverside$>
Over The Waterfall$
Encore: The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me#
Pan American#
Goodbye Blue Sky%
$ with Noam Pickelny on banjo
# single mic
% unplugged