Moe. 3.13.99 Fox Theater, Boulder, CO (3)

Set I
Plane Crash
She Sends Me
Hi and Lo
Big World
St. Augustine *

Set II
Stupid Basket Reading
Bring You Down**
Lylelovit #
Mexico ##
Four >


- encore -

Queen of the Rodeo
Salt Creek
Johnny Lineup ^ >
Jam @ >
Bong Hits and Porn ^^ >
Johnny Lineup @
Rock and Roll @$

* With Todd Pasternack of the Ominous Seapods on guitar.
** Jim on acoustic guitar.
# Al on acoustic guitar.
## Chuck on acoustic guitar. With Ted Marotta of the Ominous Seapods on percussion.
^ Jim on flute.
^^ Ominous Seapods with Rob and Jim on percussion. For a description of a full band segue (ie. the moe./Seapods Jam) see notes for Rock The Vote tour (9/25-28/96).
@ With the Ominous Seapods. Chuck on alto saxophone.
$ First time played.
NOTE: Jim and Vinnie also sat in with the Ominous Seapods for one song, "Taste Sensation Overload".